'A gap in the clouds: a security team's worst nightmare'

Much like the British summer, for security leaders the clouds just keep coming. As organisations keep spreading their bets across multiple infrastructure types and providers, the additional complexity drives up risk. With every different set of configurations and alerts, security teams become spread a little thinner and gaps for attackers get a little wider.

To scale securely in the cloud, security leaders need a consolidated, provider agnostic, approach to risk. The question is, how can this be achieved? What procedural, human and technological initiatives need to be put in place?

Discuss this with a select group of your contemporaries whilst enjoying a decadent three-course meal, accompanied by matching wines, surrounded by the gorgeous neoclassical and baroque interior of Vintner’s stylish Boardroom.


Bubbly Reception
Seated Welcome & Introduction
Roundtable Discussion
Dinner Served, Networking till close
Event Close

Our Speakers

Alon Jupiter
Alon Jupiter
Solutions Engineer
André Bayliss
André Bayliss
Enterprise Security Architect & Technology Risk Advisor
London Metal Exchange

Our Proud Partner

Organisations of all sizes and industries use Wiz to rapidly identify and remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud and Kubernetes so they can build faster and more securely.


Vintner's Hall
Vintners' Hall, 68 Upper Thames Street, London, England - EC4V 3BG

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