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Rooted in the cybersecurity community

Rooted in the cybersecurity community

Cutting through with the power of opinions

RANT was originally set up by senior end-users, researchers and influencers in cybersecurity wanting to debate specific topics in a transparent, open way. Community dictated topics were discussed at events so end-users could learn from each other’s experiences, stories and ideas.

In the 16 years since, we have gained thousands of members and hosted hundreds of real and digital events featuring countless opinions. We have helped everyone from The Government to global vendors and industry organisations tap this collective insight.

Nowadays, in a saturated sector, we provide a rare place for pragmatic people to cut through the noise and learn from their peers. All our members share one trait: the desire to understand and shape cybersecurity for the better, as do we. This manifests in everything from the content of events, to the light-touch way we do our own marketing.


Chris BattenDirector & Founder

Tom OdamsManaging Director

Simon HemberDirector & Founder

Jenny WalkerEvents Coordinator

Galena TodorovaHead of Events & Marketing

Benjamin Randell Community Coordinator


Andy O’Leary

Bharat Thakrar

Bryan Littlefair

Claire Sellick

Simon Minton

Keith Povey

Kevin Jones

Sandrijn Stead

Sian John

Gerry O’Neill

Sandrijn SteadCEO & Co-Founder, C View Technologies

Sian JohnEMEA Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

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