'Mind the gap: How to combat the cracks in today's cyber defences'

Vision is a funny old thing. We might think we see perfectly, but neuroscientists tell us that our eyes, at best, only pick up a tiny portion of the visual information they take in. Our brain fills the gaps, connecting the fragments of data picked up and converting them into a coherent picture.

Whether they realise it or not, this is often what cybersecurity teams are being asked to do. You can have access to every bit of threat intelligence available, but it won’t help without also understanding everything that sits in the spaces between different departments, different network segments, different data sets.

More challenging still is the fact that different teams and individuals may find themselves working to different agendas.. A network manager may be on top of their tasks, a security manager is certain that all the high-risk threats have been anticipated and neutralised, but it’s not until they see and understand what each other is doing that they can be certain that their work is going to be effective.

Achieving cohesive and coherent oversight means total visibility and a thorough understanding of collective risk. Getting there means bringing people together to appreciate each others’ operational realities and ensure everyone understands the context they’re working in.

Join our hosts from Skybox Security at our next RANT Roundtable to discuss how businesses can bring people together, implement more effective plans, and protect themselves better.


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Our Speaker

André Bayliss
André Bayliss
Enterprise Security Architect & Technology Risk Advisor
London Metal Exchange

Our Proud Partner

Prevent breaches before they happen. Get the intelligence and context you need to reduce cyber exposure at speed and scale. Skybox Security is the only platform that collectively visualises and analyses hybrid and multi-cloud networks, providing full contex...t and understanding of the attack surface.

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